Let "AdVance Tour & Travel" plan your next trip to any popular Destination in the US, Canada, Overseas, to an All Inclusive Resort or on a cruise.

For Group Travel, avoid "Cookie Cutter" itineraries. We are a full service receptive tour operator for the Midwest, and a custom tour planning operator for all the US, Canada and international. Our specialty is customizing that one of a kind, off the beaten path, outside the box itinerary that is exclusive to only your group. We research destinations to include special stops and special attractions and events. All group tours are customized to fit the group’s specific needs and desires. For a custom itinerary quote on any tour seen on this website, or if your group has destination in mind that is not listed, Call 800-346-7706 and talk to a knowledgeable tour planner. We pride ourselves on same day answers to your questions and quick proposal turn-around.
AdVance Tour & Travel is a proud owner of TAP (Travel Alliance Partners). TAP is owned and managed by 32 premier tour operators in the US and Canada. Each is a regional expert with new and unique itineraries. Each Member operates under the highest standards for business ethics and product quality.
Members purchase products in a profitable fashion, pass the savings on to the consumers and increase market share with key suppliers. Developing joint marketing opportunities and sharing best business practices in an environment of mutual trust is a key component to the success of each partner. Being a proud owner of TAP gives us access to over 100 guaranteed departures all over the world. Our unique corporation mandates that each Member operate under the highest standards for business ethics and product quality which is why I have no problem putting any of my clients on one of my TAP partner’s tours.

Through my TAP partners, we have access to over 100 Guaranteed Departure Tours. All Guaranteed departure tours depart from a common origin, e.g. Denver, CO bound for a destination such as the National Parks. These tours are fully escorted and are guaranteed to function. Join the group tour in the city of origin by flying or driving in. Most all the Guaranteed Departures terminate where they started. Click on the guaranteed departure link to see all the guaranteed departure tours throughout the United States, Canada, and international. Guaranteed departure tours can be joined by 1 or up to 40 people.

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