AdVance Tour and Travel FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How quickly should I make a reservation?  It’s a great idea to reserve your space as quickly as possible. This will allow us to best accommodate your specific travel date & needs.

What type of hotels do we stay at?  We use a variety of hotels. Some are franchise properties & some are privately owned.  All the hotels are selected based on the service they can provide to our customers. Typically the hotels will be “3-Star” or greater.

What if I don’t have a travel companion?  Travel anyway! You always have the option of traveling as a Single occupancy passenger, and in some cases we can try to assist you in sharing a room with another traveler that might be in need of a companion as well.  We can’t guarantee that we can find a travel companion for you – but we do recommend you sign up for the tour and then start recruiting amongst your family & friends. Sometimes others do want to go once they know you’re interested as well.

Do you assign my hotel room?  Rooms are assigned by the individual hotels. We can only request certain accommodations, but not guarantee them.

What if I have mobility needs?  Communicate your specific needs to us as quickly as possible.  This will allow us to best accommodate you as a valued traveler. If we are not informed of your mobility challenges prior to the departure, we can’t always accommodate you.  You are welcome to bring along a mobility assistive devise such as a cane, walker, or non-motorized, folding wheelchair. If you do use an assistive devise such as a wheelchair, you must have a traveling companion that will be responsible for you.

Will I have to carry by own luggage?  Our professional drivers will load & unload your luggage from the coach. At each hotel we have arranged for 1 large suitcase to be handled by the bellmen. You are responsible for your carry-on piece throughout the tour. For tours that involve air travel, you will be responsible for your own luggage into and out of the airport.

Do I have to always sit in the same seat on the bus? Most companies assign seats on a rotation system.  We have discovered that most travelers would like the freedom to sit where and with whom they like. So, no, you don’t have to sit in the same seat.  It will be open seating on a first come basis.  However we ask that you keep the front 2 seats open for the Tour Director and any local step on guides. We also ask that you take into consideration the needs of the travelers that have mobility issues and or motion sickness.  Seating on motorcoaches on our Guaranteed Departures will be at the discretion of our TAP partner.

Will an itinerary ever change?   We hope not!  But, we do reserve the right to alter an itinerary if we deem in necessary to the success of the tour.  We will always substitute any changes with something of equal or greater value to our travelers.

Do I really need travel insurance?  YES! Let us be more specific, YES! Yes! Yes! We recommend basic travel insurance for all our guests on each program.  The basic policy offers protection for documented medical reasons or the death of an immediate family member.  If you would like to consider a broader based coverage, including CFAR – Cancel For Any Reason – policy, please visit with one of our Tour Representatives for more information on options & pricing.

What is a YUM Card?   It’s Your Unique Meal allowance card.  This will be a pre-loaded Mastercard that is redeemable anywhere Mastercard is accepted. It is literally, plastic cash. If you tour includes a YUM card, you’ll receive it at the beginning of the tour to cover the cost of meals that are not prescheduled.  Our guideline budget is $7 a day for breakfast $10 a day for lunches and $20 for dinners. 

How many suitcases are we allowed to take? We ask that travelers limit themselves to one large suitcase and one small carry-on bag. Be sure to pack accordingly to the itinerary. Comfortable walking shoes and light layers are encouraged. Casual dress is appropriate. If a venue requires a specific dress code, we’ll make sure to inform you of that prior to departure. (baggage allowance will be the policy of the airlines if flying and if on a guaranteed departure the allowance set by the TAP partner)

Will there be free time? Usually. We have given daily highlights of each tour in the catalogue. We like our tours to be fun filled yet leisurely paced. The tour planners gauge the length of the days to keep passengers comfort in mind while adhering to the scheduled itinerary.

What if I have dietary needs? Communicate your specific needs to us as quickly as possible. This will allow us to best accommodate you as a valued traveler. If we are not informed of your specific needs prior to the departure, we can’t always accommodate you. While we do convey your needs to our vendors, Advance Tour & Travel is not responsible or liable for service of your specific dietary requirements. 

How many people will be on the bus? Normally, our coaches seat up to 56 passengers. Most all our tours require a minimum of 25 persons to operate. If you find a tour you’re interested in, it is best to sign up right away because some tours do sell out quickly.

Is this a Non-Smoking Tour? Yes, the Motorcoach, all group meals, and all group activities are non-smoking.  AdVance Tour & Travel request non-smoking room for all tour participants where possible.  In fact, many hotels have converted to non-smoking and only allow smoking outside in designated areas.  Most hotels charge a substantial penalty to guests who smoke in a non-smoking room.  AdVance Tour & Travel expressly disclaims any responsibility or liability in connection with smoking or non-smoking requirements.

Will A Tour Director accompany us throughout the entire tour?  Yes! On all of AdVance Tour & Travel escorted trips, there will be a tour director with you throughout the whole trip.  On our Guaranteed Departure, The Tour Director will be waiting at an assigned meeting point upon arrival to the starting destination.  AdVance Tour & Travel will indicate the locations and times in your trip documents packet that you will receive at least two weeks prior to departure. For a tour arranged by a bank club, church group, tour operator, etc., we don’t automatically put a Tour Director on those trips.  Please let us know if you need us to provide the tour director.

How much time will I spend on the Motorcoach?  Our tours are planned so that the average time on the Motorcoach between stops is between 2 to 3 hours.

Is there a Bathroom on the Motorcoach?  Typically our full motorcoaches that seat 35 to 56 passengers are usually equipped with an enclosed restroom.  However, you are asked to limit its use to emergencies only due to limited disposal sites.  Frequent sightseeing and rest stops will be made in order to allow for a comfortable traveling experience.  From time to time and on certain itineraries a mini-coach may be used instead of a full coach.  These coaches typically are not equipped with a restroom.  Frequent sightseeing and rest stops will be made in order to allow for a comfortable traveling experience.

I’ve never taken a Mystery trip.  Where do they go?  We can’t tell you or it wouldn’t be a mystery!  What we will tell you is that each of our mystery trips are planned with customer enjoyment as the first priority. We do travel a minimum of 2 hours away from home on overnight mystery trips.  You won’t need any special attire or provisions; they are always all inclusive – you’ll only need souvenir money – and your sense of adventure! 

Are Gratuities included on the tours?  All Gratuities are included on all AdVance Tour & Travel Escorted trips.  Some or all Gratuities are not included on Guaranteed Departure tours and or tours arranged by a preformed group.  AdVance Tour & Travel will work with you to let you know what tips are not included and will also give you guidelines to tip by.

May I request Airline Seat Assignments?  Some airlines or fights do not allow for seat assignments until check-in.  If your airline ticket is purchased through one of our vendor or TAP partners, AdVance Tour & Travel will work with you to advise you on how to request your seats.  Please note that seat assignments may be canceled by the airlines due to schedule or equipment changes and you should therefore reconfirm your seat assignments 25 days prior. Escorted tours that require airline tickets is generally booked on Southwest airlines.  Their seating is on a first come first serve basis by check in time and then zone # and then placement in line at the gate.

Are passports required on any trips?  Passports are required on all international trips, trips to Canada and on most cruises.  However, we will require each passenger to have a valid passport (passport must be valid for 6 months after the last day of the trip) that travels with AdVance Tour & Travel on any escorted cruise, with the exception of Hawaii, even if another form of ID works.  If cruises are booked on an individual basis or with any of our TAP partners, AdVance Tour & Travel will work with you on those policies.  If you need assistance obtaining a passport, call our office and we will send you information on how to obtain a passport.

When do I have to pay a deposit?  AdVance Tour & Travel requires a $250 deposit on all escorted trips two weeks after booking.  Deposits for escorted cruises, Guaranteed Departure trips, and individually booked trips will have different deposit policies.  AdVance Tour & Travel will inform you of these policies upon booking.

When is final payment due?  AdVance Tour & Travel requires final payment be made  on all escorted trips 45 days prior to departure.   Final payments for escorted cruises, Guaranteed Departure trips, and individually booked trips will have different payment policies.  AdVance Tour & Travel will inform you of these policies upon booking.

If I need to cancel, will I receive a refund?  AdVance Tour & Travel requires cancellation in writing on all escorted trips 30 days prior to departure in order to receive a full refund.  If you cancel after this date, you can file a claim on your trip insurance policy if it is a covered reason.  Cancellations for escorted cruises, Guaranteed Departure trips, and individually booked trips will have different cancellation policies.  AdVance Tour & Travel will inform you of these policies upon booking.

AdVance Tour & Travel has tried to answer all your questions.  If you have a question that is not listed in this section, please call our office.

Advance Tour and Travel acts only as an agent for the various independent suppliers that provide hotel accommodations, transportation, sightseeing, activities, or other services connected with this tour. Such services are subject to the terms and conditions of those suppliers. Advance Tour and Travel and their respective employees, agents, and representatives accepts no liability whatsoever for any injury, damage, loss, accidents, delay, or any other incident which may be caused by the negligence, defect, default of any company or person in performing these services. Responsibility is not accepted for losses, injury, damages or expenses of any kind due to schedule changes, sickness, weather, strikes, hostilities, wars, terrorist acts of nature, local laws or other such causes. All services and accommodations are subject to the laws and regulations of the country in which they are provided. Advance Tour and Travel is not responsible for any baggage or personal effects of any individual participating in the tours / trips arranged by Advance Tour and Travel. Individual travelers are responsible for purchasing a travel insurance policy,(on the trips it is not included) if desired, that will cover some of the expenses associated with the loss of luggage or personal effects.









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